In the past year our meijile team has been thinking a lot about how we could actually contribute within the discourse of sustainability. We want to grow naturally. And we don’t want to waste. This is a premise we’ve kept from the beginning on: regarding all additional material which is not needed, or will be trashed right away after purchasing.That’s why we don’t do packaging, only in very rare exceptions. This might raise some eyebrows, but most of the time a little ecological ribbon does the trick.

Something that directly relates to our latest editions is the waste of fabric: No matter how carefully you cut, body wear layouts always come in shapes, where single fabric pieces do not perfectly align with each other. At least not in smaller and unique productions. And before every collection there is a trial and error phase. So we’ve started collecting snips’n’pieces, and sorted, and thought about this, and rethought it over again.

Tiny treasures – our hair accessories collection was a first result. Matching the outfit, a perfect little present. All buttons are handmade, and promoting environmental friendliness in form of a handcrafted piece of work.


Other accessories we’ve completed this way are our necklaces. There was plenty of inspiration, sometimes we could spend days on spinning ideas. Our favourites have been finished: Every single one is a unique piece, a lovely gift and jewellery. Handmade of fabric.


 To expand this concept we wanted to bring it into our collections. And while thinking of how to prep for winter and which padding to choose for our kids collection, we realised that there is a great opportunity here. The new colour setup just supported this notion, while having a steady appearance on the outside, the lining material could just be that, the colourful spot that makes your pants exclusive. Identification by unique lining fabric.