about meijile

meijile is a Mandarin expression for ‘How lovely! Beautiful!’
Pure and simple.

meijile’s founder Dani and Kicki have been working and gaining experience in creative surroundings for many years: As mothers twice over we embrace the daily cultural challenges and the potential for great fashion. We have learnt to relate traditional and locals aspects of our home and our host country and elaborate on design to pool all positive strengths.


The good things in China – there are so many! We want to let you anticipate our discoveries and the vast potential for realisation of ideas. That’s how our brand arised, along with the beginning of 2013: Gathering local ressources and German understanding of quality, straightforward and fashionable, paired with a passionate ambition to convince our customers that our products unite the above.

Oh well, our symbol, the little lantern. Very simple: That’s a Chinese classic which we love. Our a pretty little vivid colour spot.

our mission statement

Quality is our heart affair. We’ve managed to find great quality of fabrics for our collections. Our scrutiny is on every single step of the making process: We choose and purchase the fabric ourselves, as well as all related items, accessories and packing material. We keep close contact with wholesalers, retailers and dealers, basically any person involved, to assure our high requirements are met.
We follow local regulations and international safety standards, people are treated fair and work under optimised conditions. For now and in future, we will always be part of the process so we don’t lose track, and to become an environmentally friendly business as responsible and sustainable as possible. With this benchmark set, we can continuously maintain healthy work ethics, whether we produce in Europe or Asia according to Western standards.

and beyond

For everybody who wants to know more, write us.
We have support, but to provide an operations base like the one described, the path to our final product often is a hard piece of work, the business setup trying to find the balance in the split between the continents.
We would like to thank everyone involved, all like-minded and especially our meijile lovers. In fact, all our customers conjure a big smile on our faces. We hope you are as happy as we are!

Jule was our very first customer and bought these pair of pants. Enjoy, little Anton!


Let’s hustle things on to get an outlook of the coming seasons.